Blanket your home in fragrance

With our range of diffusers, candles and other home fragrances you can make your home smell amazing without any hassle.

Fragrance made to make your home feel more like home

Shop our range of branded products and find the right product for you. We have a range of scents, from the calming rosemary to citrus and sea salt for a more energising fragrance.

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A great space deserves a beautiful scent

Enjoy that perfect scent to match your mood, from our online store. Choose from a range of home fragrance products including diffuser sets, scented candles, matches and snuffers. We also offer fragrance for bath and body.

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A scent to suit your space

We have a range of fragrances, from fresh and clean to warm and woody. Each product is designed to be used in different areas of the home such as sea salt in our bathroom diffuser. We can help you decide which fragrance is right for you.

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